While investing most of us don’t take into consideration some important factors. Today in my post I am going to discuss factors that should be considered while making an investment.

1. Fiscal Incentives: Whether that industry is getting tax concessions or not. If they will be getting tax concessions then they will be returning more.

2. Market Forecast: Market Forecast about that company or industry. Both short term and long term forecast affects your investment.

3. Be Clear in your Investment Objectives: Be clear what do you want from your investment, whether return or growth or both.

4. Economic Report: Economic report of the company should be considered. One should always wait for those quarterly reports and then only make investment.

5.Investor’s Cash Flow: Investor should consider their cash flow situation and set aside money for emergencies before tying up their funds in investments.

6.Investor’s Age and Risk: Investors should consider their age and the associated risk of the product. For example, A person who is about to retire must not invest in high risk products as this can create problem for him in future when he will retire.

So be alert while investing and enjoy benefits of investing.