In my earlier posts I have discussed about various investment alternatives. But in this post I will be discussing about 5 best investment options for 2012.

1. DIAMONDS: These are most popular area of investment in current scenario because a number of popular diamond mines are closing so decrease in supply will result in increase in demand and price. The current market is doing well and is proving to be a popular choice for those who are looking to make money.

2. GOLD: The prices of gold is increasing day by day so according to current scenario it is the best option for investment.

3. SHARE TRADING: The prices of shares will drop and rise at any point in time but you should keep a close eye on market and sell the shares when you think prices are at top.

4. REAL ESTATE: Buying land and buying houses is a form of investment and then renting them or selling them will always generate steady income as the demand for housing especially in populated areas is always high.

But you should always do market survey before investing as this is your hard earned money which is to be invested.

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