You must be hearing about NCTC in news now a days. In my post I would be discussing what NCTC is and why chief ministers are opposing that.
NCTC stands for National Counter Terrorism Center. It would be located in IB (intelligence Bureau).
The Concept of NCTC is based on the need for integrating all the inputs pertaining to terrorism and analyzing them to understand the plans of terrorists , their precautions and find out the identities of terrorists to enable the security forces to prevent terrorist attacks and to respond to terrorist attacks as stated by Home Minister of India. According to Government, it will supplement the counter terrorism capabilities of the state and not supplant them.
The problem begin with the faulty structure of the proposed NCTC. It was supposed to have been vested with police powers of arrest seizure without reference to state authorities.
The main problem is that Union Government mistrusts the states, which it believes lack strong and effective mechanisms to fight terror. That is the reason why States rejected this proposal. States Chief ministers are of the view that the hold will now be with Central government.
Now due to pressure of Chief Ministers of various states NCTC will be kept out of Intelligence Bureau.
Government is restructuring NCTC .
In our country no law can be passed so easily, not because of democracy but because every political party is trying to pull other party.

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