You need to review your Financial plan analysis from time to time. Returns should be checked along with other factors also which are as follows:

1. GOALS: Every financial plan is based on various financial milestones one need to achieve. So it i best to review goals from time to time. In review some things are considered like cost to achieve the goal, time available, etc.

2. CASH FLOWS: Our incomes and expenses keep changing from time to time. It is crucial to check from time to time that how you could be in a better position to reach our financial milestones given our current cash flows.

3. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Life insurance and health insurance are two very crucial aspects in a financial plan. We need to know whether our cover is appropriate with our needs or do we need to increase or decrease.

4. INVESTMENTS BOUGHT IN PAST: These are the most crucial things which we need to keep reviewing. We have often come across situations where people are not even aware of the complete details of the investments they hold.

5. TENURE OF THE PRODUCT BOUGHT: Often people end up buying long term products with a short term view and vice versa. The problem is when we buy a product we seem to understand the benefits, however, we forget the same mid way. We suddenly one day realise what has happened to it and start calling our advisors and distributors in panic and if the same is not in line with our expectations then there is a buying conflict which starts.

6. EMERGENCY FUND: As a thumb rule, six months expenses should be kept in a reserve fund which could come handy in situations like loss of job, unexpected incidents which have financial implications. An individual needs to ensure that one implements changes, as only constant reviews and actions can ensure that he is able to achieve financial success in years to come.