Must have stocks for your portfolio in Financial Year 2014

For the new financial year (FY14), investors should park their funds in different asset class with well thought out allocation.
One should follow stock specific approach rather than sector/index specific, which may reap good returns going forward, as is proven historically.
FMCG, pharmaceutical and IT sector will acts as a shield during the market downturn.

Euro Zone crisis has a spill over effect, which may crop up in a country specific basis, though US is showing strong signs of recovery, looking at the data points on the last 6 months’ basis.Therefore, global problems may haunt Indian markets going forward as developed economies are still running on stimulus packages.

Political uncertainty will boil down to less economic reforms and lacklustre markets. In this scenario, investors should go for SIP in MFs or in direct equities.

As mentioned in the Union Budget 2013-14, the current account deficit is worrisome and Q3FY13 number of 6.7 per cent gives a strong wake-up signal. If the government does not promote exports and offers sops rather than only curbing imports, then CAD would widen and be a big detrimental factor towards a downturn.

Stocks which investors can look at in FY14:

1 Petronet LNG
2 Indian Bank
3 Eros International
4 Pidilite Ind Ltd
6 Hindustan Unilever
7 Bata India
8 Swaraj Engines Ltd
9 LIC Housing Finance
10 JK Cements
11 IL&FS Transportation