It is compulsory to file return for salary earners up to Rs 5 lakh

From past two years salary earners up to Rs 5 lakh were given exemption by CBDT. This means that for assessment years 2011-12, 2012-13, these assesses were not required to file income tax return. Exemption was given considering paper filing and their manual processing.

But for the assessment year 2013-14, CBDT has made compulsory to file income tax return, & the exemption given is being withdrawn.

Efiling of income tax returns should be used to get speedy results. The processing of online returns is much faster than the manual returns. Efiling is fast, easy & secure method of filing income tax returns. After filing return electronically, assessee has to send ITR-V, i.e. acknowledgement, duly signed to Central Processing Centre. Digital Signatures are not compulsory for filing income tax returns online.

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