First of all we must know what is FORM 16. It is the certificate of TDS issued by the employer. It is mandatory for the employer to issue Form 16 if TDS is deducted otherwise it is not mandatory on the part of employer.

Form 16 contains two parts, i.e., Part A and Part B. Part A contains the details of TAN, PAN and TDS deducted. Part B contains your salary details like Income from salary, deductions, etc.

Form 16 is required for filing income tax return but it is not mandatory as TDS details can also be obtained through Credit Statement Form 26AS. You can file your income tax return with the help of Form 26AS also. File your income tax as it is your responsibility.

If your employer has deducted Tax and still not issuing the Form 16 then you can contact your Assessing Officer. He will take appropriate action against him and he can be penalised Rs 100 per day for the days default continues.

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