Things to Know- Direct Equity and Equity Funds

Here are the few things that you must know about direct equity and equity funds:
1. Equity mutual funds allow you to invest in equity through a portfolio created and managed to a process by a specialist. So they offer the benefit of diversification with a small investment.
2. When a mutual fund buys and sells stocks, there is no tax impact on the scheme. In direct equity investors have to incur the capital gains tax and securities transaction tax every time they sell shares.
3. In direct equity, the cost of transacting shares in a portfolio has to be borne by the investor. The option […] Read more

Rights of Mutual Fund Investor- Be Aware

You must fulfill certain duties and enjoy some rights as investor. An ideal investor is one who is aware of his rights, and disciplined and serious about his duties too. Some important rights that a mutual fund investor enjoys are freedom to go through the offer document of the scheme that you intent to invest in, email or sms alerts relating to your investments, receiving annual reports, periodic updates and other important communications from the fund house including any proposed change in a scheme’s traits. You also enjoy the right to know how much commission the person who is advising […] Read more

Must Avoid Financial Mistakes For Young Investors

Young people who have begun to earn, do not engage sincerely with money or investment decisions. They give several excuses like not enough money, very complex, not sure about where to start, etc.
Here are the few common issues of young investors:
1. Many young earners think that managing money is complex and is not for them. They feel so when they have already opened a bank account, taken a credit card and a loan for a motor vehicle. The simplest way to understand personal finance is to see you as an asset that generates income. The four ideas of your assets are […] Read more

How to Deal With Financial Crunches?

One should manage finance efficiently. Managing finance is supreme in financial planning. It is very easy for an individual to suffer with a financial crunch in the absence of proper planning.

Few ways of managing your financial crisis are:

1. Restrain unnecessary expenses: When you cut down your not so important expenses, you end up saving more. When you have sufficient money, spending on unnecessary things doesn’t seem to cause a problem. Make habit to purchase only those things which are essential are a good idea. It is always better to curtail unnecessary expenses even during good times.

2. Assign money for regular […] Read more

Dump Your Stocks When………….

When you are investing in equity, it is advisable to take a long term view but it doesn’t mean simply buy and forget. You must know when to sell your stocks. Following are the situations in which you must dump your stocks:

1. Change in Company’s Fundamentals: When you buy shares of a company, you do so because you are convinced about its growth prospects. And reasons for growth prospects can be due to its competitive advantage, quality management, upcoming projects, superior product mix or combination of all these. But if after the purchase you find that things have taken a […] Read more