Economic Indicators That Affect your Financial Plan

Economic indicator is a statistical data showing general trends in the economy. Most of us don’t know that these economic indicators affect our financial plan. Some economic indicators and their effect are being discussed hereunder:

1. Gross Domestic Product: The Indian economy is crawling with a growth rate under 5%. The Indian economy is expected to continue to be sluggish. Slower growth dents job prospects, forcing many to rein-in their aspirations and reset the timeline of their financial goals.

2. Inflation: Inflation is the rate of growth in prices. Price rise has been one of the chief causes of governments being voted […] Read more

Review Your Financial Plan Because…………

Your financial plan is chalks out your financial goals and how you plan to achieve them. As life changes every moment, your financial plan also needs to be reviewed regularly for achieving your goals. I had mentioned some details in one of my previous blog regarding Financial Plan. Following are the reasons why you should review your plan regularly:

1. Change in Financial Conditions: If your financial conditions change, whether internally or externally, you must review your financial plan. And after reviewing your plan you would know whether you are progressing towards your goal or not. If not, then you must revise […] Read more


You need to review your Financial plan analysis from time to time. Returns should be checked along with other factors also which are as follows:

1. GOALS: Every financial plan is based on various financial milestones one need to achieve. So it i best to review goals from time to time. In review some things are considered like cost to achieve the goal, time available, etc.

2. CASH FLOWS: Our incomes and expenses keep changing from time to time. It is crucial to check from time to time that how you could be in a better position to reach our financial milestones […] Read more


We prepare our financial plan and then forget that, this is the most risky situation. One should always revisit his financial plan to see that whether his financial plan is serving the purpose for which it was formulated or not.

That is the reason if you get your plan prepared by a planner or advisor, it does not ensure guarantee that you will achieve your financial goals. You should fix a date by which you would want to achieve that goal and then must check whether you are achieving that goal on time or not.
Some people lack discipline to meticulously implement […] Read more