Here is the financial planning suggesstions especially for women:

For teenagers, Sachayika Scheme for women is best as you can invest in it from your pocket money also.

2) TWENTY (20’s)
For women in twenty’s health insurance and equity mutual funds are best as at this age they can take risk in investments.

3) THIRTIES (30’s)
When you reach your thirties term insurance plans, mutual funds, tax plans, real estate and investment in gold are best options.

4) FORTIES (40’s)
Retirement plan is best for the women in forties.

5) FIFTIES (50’s)
As age grows dependencies also increases, so now one should invest in less risky funds.

6) SIXTIES […] Read more

New Investors- Financial Planning

Here are the few ways of financial planning for new investors-

1 Learn Various aspects of Finance
You can take the help of financial planner for making investments but you should also understand the basic concepts of savings and investment, and how each investment option works. Consider the positive and negative aspects of each investment option. For gaining this knowledge you can refer to internet, blogs, newspaper, etc. After gaining this knowledge you will understand how market works and what your financial planner says.

2. Start a Recurring Deposit
A recurring deposit helps you to save regularly and is a safe investment option for […] Read more