Economic Indicators That Affect your Financial Plan

Economic indicator is a statistical data showing general trends in the economy. Most of us don’t know that these economic indicators affect our financial plan. Some economic indicators and their effect are being discussed hereunder:

1. Gross Domestic Product: The Indian economy is crawling with a growth rate under 5%. The Indian economy is expected to continue to be sluggish. Slower growth dents job prospects, forcing many to rein-in their aspirations and reset the timeline of their financial goals.

2. Inflation: Inflation is the rate of growth in prices. Price rise has been one of the chief causes of governments being voted […] Read more


Here is the financial planning suggesstions especially for women:

For teenagers, Sachayika Scheme for women is best as you can invest in it from your pocket money also.

2) TWENTY (20’s)
For women in twenty’s health insurance and equity mutual funds are best as at this age they can take risk in investments.

3) THIRTIES (30’s)
When you reach your thirties term insurance plans, mutual funds, tax plans, real estate and investment in gold are best options.

4) FORTIES (40’s)
Retirement plan is best for the women in forties.

5) FIFTIES (50’s)
As age grows dependencies also increases, so now one should invest in less risky funds.

6) SIXTIES […] Read more


In my earlier posts I have discussed about various investment alternatives. But in this post I will be discussing about 5 best investment options for 2012.

1. DIAMONDS: These are most popular area of investment in current scenario because a number of popular diamond mines are closing so decrease in supply will result in increase in demand and price. The current market is doing well and is proving to be a popular choice for those who are looking to make money.

2. GOLD: The prices of gold is increasing day by day so according to current scenario it is the best option […] Read more


You must be thinking of using tax saving investments for planning tax but precautions should be taken while selecting these investments. Following things should be considered while selecting tax saving investments:

1. LIQUIDITY: How fast your investments can be converted into cash? When will you be able to access your money in one year or two years or so.

2. RISK AND RETURN: Access what type of investor are you? Whether you are risk averse (do not want to take risk), risk lover (love to take risk) or risk neutral ( risk don’t affect your decision). As criterion that follows with investment […] Read more


There are various alternatives available for investment. Few investment alternatives discussed here:

1. CASH & DEPOSITS: It bears minimum risk.

2. FIXED INCOME SECURITIES: It offers fixed periodical returns.

3. SHARES: The value of share changes according to the market’s view of the worth of the company.

4. UNIT TRUSTS: Unit trust investments can generate income in the form of interests, dividends and capital gains.

5. PROPERTIES/REAL ESTATE: It is less liquid and involves less risk.

6. LIFE INSURANCE: One should not buy insurance solely as investment as it involves cost which other alternatives may not involve.

7. COMMODITIES: Commodities can be bought as physicals where the […] Read more